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Seattle Marketing Translation Services

Seattle Marketing Translation Services

The art of marketing is founded on a clear understanding of the psychology and sociology of your target audience. However, when marketing to a different culture this can be difficult, as companies like Coca-Cola found out. When Coca-Cola was first sold in China, shopkeepers translated the name of the product phonetically. Unfortunately, this translation actually meant “bite the wax tadpole” and “female horse stuffed with wax” in various dialects. Needless to say, this didn't go over well, and Coca-Cola was forced to find an official translation that would have a pleasant meaning in Chinese. (The one they settled on meant “to allow the mouth to receive pleasure.”) As this example indicates, knowing the nuances of your market and its language is vital for businesses, especially in the age of globalization..

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Seattle Translations works with a team of expert translators who are thoroughly familiar with the languages they speak and the cultures where those languages are spoken. They can ensure that an English to Spanish translation, an English to French translation or any translation we do for you is not only accurate but also accurately reflects the language used by your target audience. Our translations also take culture into account and use language that is respectful of the culture you're marketing to.

Our translators collectively translate in more than 200 languages, and all of our translators are native speakers of the languages they translate into. In addition, we guarantee the accuracy of your translation by using a second native speaker to review each translation to make sure it meets or exceeds your requirements.

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