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With the advent of the internet and its subsequent growth, businesses are going to be behind the eight-ball if they do not ensure that their website can be seen all over the world. A growing amount of customers are doing their shopping online, and the internet is becoming the No.1 place for getting information. If your website do not translate, you are likely missing out of a massive piece of the market in your field, and is your best weapon in the battle for the marketplace. When it comes to website localization and translation, as well as patent translation, we have you covered.

A recent study has shown that a proper website translation plays a huge role in how sales are converted and how sites are using translation and localization to keep customers on their page, instead of leaving to go to one of their competitors. The study shows that the four main problems that websites have when it comes to translating to another language or culture is that it costs too much to do, there are usually too many different departments involved with the translation and therefore, takes up too many man-hours and visitors who come to shop and purchase goods have problems filling out their information because they cannot put their phone number or postal code into an order form. It has also been estimated that companies are refusing almost 46% of their customers because they cannot translate international orders, and that is a pretty big piece of the piece to miss out on. can help you with all of these problems and more, as we can take over your website and do the heavy lifting. The translations on your site are done by a native speaker of the language, and your translator is also someone who is in the field of marketing a website, so not only will they help you with your website translation, you will also get tips on how to market your product better to another culture.

But what about patent translation? If you come up with a new idea and you want to get a patent, it can be very expensive and in Europe, the EU is looking to pass a bill in which only three languages will be accepted for a patent: English, French or German. This will cut out a lot of different languages for innovative companies, when could help them streamline their patent translation process. We have translators who are proficient in over 150 languages, and that would aid the EU as they cannot afford to alienate anyone who does not speak English, French or German. Our translators are well informed, equipped with all the right credentials, and they have the proper mix of education and experience, which is why you will not be able to go wrong with us. We also use only human translators, instead of machine translation that will make your website sound choppy to your customers, which disrupts the flow of your document.

Even though we are a company that is based in North America with offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Seattle, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Vancouver, is available to service your website around the world, and our customer care representatives are on hand 24 hours a day in order to get the ball rolling on your project. Our reps will stay involved with you from the time you begin your order to the end, and even after the project has been completed and sent back to you. If you are not satisfied with our work, our customer care reps will ensure that we get your feedback and that it is properly done. comes with a great reputation in the industry when it comes to first class quality of work and impeccable customer care, and we are offering our first time customers a 5% PriceBeat Guarantee in which we will beat the lowest price you can find from another translation company. We feel that once you work with us, you will not be able to go to another company, and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. Our clients come from a number of specialized and varied fields, so it does not matter what market you are looking to tap into, or how unconventional you feel your product is when you are seeking a patent. We have all the bases covered when it comes to making your website work across different languages and cultures, so head over to to receive your quality translation.


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